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  • "Your Very First Treatment Was Nothing Short of a MIRACLE!"

  • "Undergoing This Treatment Is The BEST Gift That I Could Give Myself."

  • "Justin Is A WONDERFUL HEALER… And Also Touches The Heart And Spirit of His Patients."

    - DH in Monroe, NY
  • "I NO LONGER FEEL ANY PAIN When I Get My Period and The Best Part Is That I Feel Much More Calm!"

    - SF, Personal Trainer
  • "I Am Able To Finish My Day Continuously With Not Stopping or Resting and NO MORE CATCHING COLDS As Easily As I Used To Before.

    - Dr. Mona Botros, MD
  • "God has sent me a blessing when you became my Doctor. Thank You."

  • "Hopelessness Was Restored To Hope And IMPOSSIBLE BECAME POSSIBLE."

    - M.M.
  • "Living FREE OF PAIN Has Been A Gift, For Which I Thank You."

    - M.R.
  • "My Gastrointestinal System Is Now ON THE MEND And It Seems Too Good To Be True."

    - H.B., Veterinarian Assistant and Runner
  • "When I Got Home and Took Off My Shoes I Realized That There Was No and I Mean NO PAIN IN MY HEEL!"

    - RE, Hair Dresser and Photographer
  • "Your Further Advice About Techniques And Simple Exercises That Would Help Me To Moderate Other Effects of MS Has Been Excellent."

    - M.R.
  • "Thanks to Justin…9 Months Later, My Baby Girl Lori Sara WAS BORN."

    - AZ, Corporate Executive
  • "...I Got My Life Back..."

  • "in The Skillful Hands of Justin Mandel, Dipl.O.M. L.Ac I’M HOPEFULL - I Haven't Felt That Way Regarding My Health in 30 Years."

    Carol, Office Assistant
  • "My Treatment With Dr. Mandel Was Quick, Painless and Resulted In An IMMEDIATE RELEASE OF THE TENSION In My Lower Back."

    - H.R., Census Worker
  • "Within 2 Hours, I Felt 100% Better And The Next Morning When I Woke Up, I Still Had NO PAIN!"

    - A.Z, Chiropractor
  • "In the Past 5 Years I Have Been Treated By A Minimum of 6 Different Acupuncturists With No Success…UNTIL NOW.

    Carol, Office Assistant
  • "After A Few Acupuncture Treatments I Had NO MORE DEBILITATING MENSTRUAL MIGRAINES, Which Was Amazing"

    - D.C. , Mental Health Professional
  • "I am So glad That I Did End Up Getting Acupuncture Because of How MUCH BETTER I CONTINUE TO FEEL!"

    - G.F., Executive Assistant
  • "After The First Visit My Pain Was About 80% Better. Six Visits Later, I Found Myself 95% PAIN FREE."

    Carol, Office Assistant
  • "The Combination of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs Have Successfully Helped Me To Cope With Menopause And LEAD A NORMAL LIFE."

  • "By The End of My Fourth Session I Was Feeling 95% BETTER. I Became A Believer in Acupuncture."

    D.G., Mother & House Wife
  • "My Back NO LONGER BOTHERS ME And Feels A Lot Better Than Before I Went To Dr. Mandel.”

    K.G., Advertising Executive & Triathlete

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Adrenal Insufficiency
Back Went Out
Brain Tumor
Cirrhosis Of The Liver
Depressed With Anxiety
Drop Foot
Elbow Pain
Heel Pain
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Low back Pain
Neck And Shoulder Pain
Pain From Surgery
Leaking Sweat From All Pores
Torn Rotator Cuff
Upset Stomach
Tail Bone Pain
Burning Pain In Testicle
Thoracic Compression Syndrome
Thoracic Pain
TMJ & Back Pain

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Back Pain
Cancer 2
Chronic Neck Pain
Chronic Arm Pain
Chronic Shoulder Pain
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Neck Pain
Neck Pain 2
Over Active Bladder
Plantar Fasciitis
Poor Circulation
Slipped Discs
Shoulder Pain
Trapezius Technique
Trapeaze Technique 2
Wrist Pain

Scroll Down & Click On The Yellow Boxes Below To Discover The 5 Reasons Why You'll Feel Completely Confident To Choose Me To Be YOUR Personal Acupuncture Physician:

1) 'Putting the "CARE" in Health care'

- I genuinely care about helping people, which is why I do what I do everyday. As your own personal acupuncture physician, helping you to get your very own Rapid Health Response is the single most important factor that drives me to excel at the highest level.

My personalized level of care is extended to you right from your very first first office visit. I will let you know if I feel that I cannot successfully treat you so you don't waste your valuable time or your money.

Beyond that once you are well on the road to recovery you also have my word that I will not needlessly let you continue on a course of treatment once it is not warranted.

2) Extremely Affordable

- Because of my sliding scale policy, people who otherwise could not afford to can take advantage of my expertise. I sincerely want more people to have easier access to the high-quality personalized alternative medicine health care that I offer, which so many people return back to time and time again.

Of course, my sliding scale is only meant for those people who do not have the finances to pay for my normal non-adjusted fees.

My sliding scale policy is subject to change at any time. Unfortunately if I find that people are taking advantage of the sliding scale without needing to I will be forced to reevaluate my position and shift back to my normally priced full office visit fees.

3) Significant Clinical Experience

- I have treated or examined well over 7500 pain patients - which is important to YOU because my incredibly "uncanny" ability to evaluate someone's condition means that I rapidly discover clinically relevant findings - which translates into getting you better...faster!

Because of my 2 plus years working as a medical examiner working together with a group of 5 Doctors consisting of (1) Orthopedic Surgeon (2) Neurologist (3) Pain Management Rehabilitation Specialist (4) Internist and (5) Chiropractor has led me to be intimately familiar with conventional western medicine approaches for the treatment of many diverse medical conditions.

So if you have gone the way of western medicine for maybe just way too long and are researching your other options at this point, then you can relax even more by knowing that in all probability I am extremely familiar with what treatments you have received and why exactly you have received them.

My experience ranges widely from treating pain older people with back pain and sciatica to treating teenagers with horrible stomach helping people of all ages with an over active bladder with my soon-to-be-famous patented over active bladder criticially important hospice care for cancer patients in severe pain and beyond...

I happen to pride myself on frequently being the ONLY one who has been able to help someone to feel better who has been seen by specialist after specialist in their respective fields and were told that they could not be helped OR they remained in treatment for significant periods of time with little or no results. There's NOTHING that pleases me more in all of the work that I do then to take someone with a supposedly "impossible" case and fully reverse its course to their total satisfaction!

4) Incredibly Innovative

- I am the discoverer and the provisional patent holder for the Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique®, the #1 most effective all natural, holistic treatment for Over Active Bladder which affects 10% of all Americans. My fellow medical professionals who are taught about it are downright positively STUNNED by what I have discovered - which means that you probably will be too.

I am also the and Provisional Patent holder for the Trapeaze Technique™, a surprisingly effective treatment for upper back and neck pain. This treatment is SO effective that I have frequently considered researching a way to offer a money back guarantee for treatment because I know that the effectiveness rate is way too high!

5) Highly Educated & Trained

- I have been seeing patients for over 12 years since 1997 and was trained at PCOM in NYC which at the time was the premier prestigious graduate school in the United States for Chinese Medicine. In addition to being Board Certified in Orinetal Medicine I am also currently less then just one of 5000 people who is also Board Certified in Chinese Herbology in the entire United States.

Often times I have heard it been said that my education and training was more difficult then conventional western medical training since I need to understand BOTH western AND eastern medicine.

Beyond that I am certified by Kettering-Sloan Memorial Cancer Hospital in New York City, the #1 cancer hospital perhaps in the world.

Professionally speaking, continuing education is critically important to help you to get to help me and I constantly seek to further improve my knowledge and skills to help people get better as rapidly as possible so they can get the most out of their life. Currently I train under the supervision of one of the best and brightest minds in all of alternative medicine around today.

If you want to be the next in line to write my next success story testimonial that could appear r ight here then call me right away at (914) 646-4545


Justin Mandel, DOM AP LAC At Home In The East West Acupuncture College Herbal Pharmacy in Sarasota. He Was Invited To Speak On A Panel To Graduating Students