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  • "Your Very First Treatment Was Nothing Short of a MIRACLE!"

  • "Undergoing This Treatment Is The BEST Gift That I Could Give Myself."

  • "Justin Is A WONDERFUL HEALER… And Also Touches The Heart And Spirit of His Patients."

    - DH in Monroe, NY
  • "I NO LONGER FEEL ANY PAIN When I Get My Period and The Best Part Is That I Feel Much More Calm!"

    - SF, Personal Trainer
  • "I Am Able To Finish My Day Continuously With Not Stopping or Resting and NO MORE CATCHING COLDS As Easily As I Used To Before.

    - Dr. Mona Botros, MD
  • "God has sent me a blessing when you became my Doctor. Thank You."

  • "Hopelessness Was Restored To Hope And IMPOSSIBLE BECAME POSSIBLE."

    - M.M.
  • "Living FREE OF PAIN Has Been A Gift, For Which I Thank You."

    - M.R.
  • "My Gastrointestinal System Is Now ON THE MEND And It Seems Too Good To Be True."

    - H.B., Veterinarian Assistant and Runner
  • "When I Got Home and Took Off My Shoes I Realized That There Was No and I Mean NO PAIN IN MY HEEL!"

    - RE, Hair Dresser and Photographer
  • "Your Further Advice About Techniques And Simple Exercises That Would Help Me To Moderate Other Effects of MS Has Been Excellent."

    - M.R.
  • "Thanks to Justin…9 Months Later, My Baby Girl Lori Sara WAS BORN."

    - AZ, Corporate Executive
  • "...I Got My Life Back..."

  • "in The Skillful Hands of Justin Mandel, Dipl.O.M. L.Ac I’M HOPEFULL - I Haven't Felt That Way Regarding My Health in 30 Years."

    Carol, Office Assistant
  • "My Treatment With Dr. Mandel Was Quick, Painless and Resulted In An IMMEDIATE RELEASE OF THE TENSION In My Lower Back."

    - H.R., Census Worker
  • "Within 2 Hours, I Felt 100% Better And The Next Morning When I Woke Up, I Still Had NO PAIN!"

    - A.Z, Chiropractor
  • "In the Past 5 Years I Have Been Treated By A Minimum of 6 Different Acupuncturists With No Success…UNTIL NOW.

    Carol, Office Assistant
  • "After A Few Acupuncture Treatments I Had NO MORE DEBILITATING MENSTRUAL MIGRAINES, Which Was Amazing"

    - D.C. , Mental Health Professional
  • "I am So glad That I Did End Up Getting Acupuncture Because of How MUCH BETTER I CONTINUE TO FEEL!"

    - G.F., Executive Assistant
  • "After The First Visit My Pain Was About 80% Better. Six Visits Later, I Found Myself 95% PAIN FREE."

    Carol, Office Assistant
  • "The Combination of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs Have Successfully Helped Me To Cope With Menopause And LEAD A NORMAL LIFE."

  • "By The End of My Fourth Session I Was Feeling 95% BETTER. I Became A Believer in Acupuncture."

    D.G., Mother & House Wife
  • "My Back NO LONGER BOTHERS ME And Feels A Lot Better Than Before I Went To Dr. Mandel.”

    K.G., Advertising Executive & Triathlete


Please click on the yellow tabs below to discover more about how the fee schedule works for my alternative medicine services…

Be aware that office visit fees can differ all depending on whether you are seeking out general Alternative Medicine treatments or specialty treatments.

You can minimize your time spent in my office by downloading and printing out the PATIENT FORMS HERE that you will need to fill out prior to seeing me either for a consultation or office visit.



15-Minute Consultation:

Your 15-minute personalized one-on-one consultation includes a physical examination & review of records. Getting your own 15-minute consultation can be critical because it will help you to find out if an alternative medicine option for treatment is right for your exact health situation and it also serves as highly valuable second opinion.

Your 15-minute consultation includes FREE report of findings, which you can review at any time with your health care providers (a $40 value).

NOTE: Please be sure to bring all of your relevant MRI/XRAY/CT results with you so a complete picture of your overall condition can accurately be revealed.


Please call 914-646-4545 to schedule your 15-Minute Consultation right now.

Initial Office Visit - Includes First Treatment:

Each initial visit includes your very first treatment and is approximately 30 to 45 minutes in duration. Your chief complaint and other relevant complaints will be discussed together in an unrushed manner, your whole health history will be comprehensively reviewed, a thorough physical examination will be performed to evaluate your health, your first treatment will be given, and important suggestions on how to best implement additional dietary, exercises, and other lifestyle modifications will be made if appropriate.

Your initial office visit also includes FREE Report of Findings (a $40 value) which you can keep and review at any time with your team of health care providers.


FREE BONUS – All first time patient’s will also receive my “Profound Relaxation & Serious Stress Relief in Just 2 Simple Steps” CD (a $30 value) – DON’T underestimate the value of this CD.

With nearly 20 years of downright powerful experience from studying Eastern meditation, Yoga, & Chinese Qi-Qong with dozens of masters, I created this empowering CD as a direct way to reach out and touch the lives of ALL of my patients.

These simple yet ultra-powerful instructions have been used successfully by hundreds of my own patients to help them achieve profound relaxation deal with life’s stresses, anxiety, insomnia, and agitation.

Once you have learned and mastered the 2-simple steps in this CD you will have the tools that you need to help you deal with life’s most challenging circumstances that come your way…now or at any time in the future so you can face them square on with your chest out, your chin up, and your head held up high!


Please call 914-646-4545 to schedule your initial office visit right now.

Follow Up Office Visit:

Each follow up visit is approximately 30 minutes in duration. With every single follow up visit that you have, your health condition will be carefully reevaluated since your previous visit in order to appropriately modify or augment how that days treatment will be provided, secondarily your next treatment will be given as based on your reevaluation, and thirdly any additional suggestions for additional dietary, exercises, and other lifestyle modifications will be made if appropriate.

Even though everyone’s condition is not the same, normally you should gradually continue to experience an alleviation of symptoms as additional follow up office visits continue to be scheduled.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To many of my patient’s total delight and surprise, you will find that unlike going to other practitioner’s for treatment…when you’re done, you’re DONE! I never stretch things out and drag you or your wallet along for additional unwarranted treatments when they are simply not needed.

$95 per visit

Please call 914-646-4545 to schedule your next follow up office visit right now.

Specialty treatment: Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique®

If you are sick and tired of needing to "go" all the time and finally want to put an end to your embarrassing or annoying bathroom visits then keep reading below…

Only with my exclusive patent-pending Bladder RE-X® Device coupled together with the exclusive patent-pending holistic Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique® can you experience all natural overactive bladder (OAB) care that delivers real results – without any known negative side effects.

Your initial visit will begin with a review of your health history followed by a comprehensive holistic physical examination of your abdominal/pelvic cavities to access what’s causing your Overactive Bladder (OAB) symptoms.

After your exact condition is evaluated, you first will be given your very own personal Bladder RE-X® Device and then you will be given the exciting opportunity to put the Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique® immediately into practice.

Plus if you are like so many of my past overactive bladder patients then you will find that you will get astonishing results within as little as just 24-hours…or sooner…even after only experiencing the Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique® for the very first time!

Your complete Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique® office visit package consists of the following:

  • Comprehensive physical examination of your abdominal/pelvic cavities together with detailed report of findings that you can show your urologist.
  • Personal in office demonstration of the Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique®
  • Complete evaluation of your first experience with the Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique®
  • Unique custom developed patent-pending Bladder RE-X® Device that can be used in the privacy and comfort of your home (a $150 value)
  • Two Free 15-minute follow-up office visits, both of which include (1) an abdominal & pelvic cavity re-evaluation and (2) Critical step-by-step review of the Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique® to ensure that you are getting the absolute quickest possible results.

- Also includes FREE Report of Findings (a $40 value), which you can keep and review at any time with your urologist.

Every Overactive Bladder patient will personally be seen and examined by Justin Mandel Dipl.O.M. L.Ac, the inventor and discoverer of both the patent-pending Bladder RE-X® Device ® and the patent-pending Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique® device. He has successfully treated New Yorkers for Overactive Bladder since 2002 and is the only health care provider in the world that that has the unique clinical experience to offer his patients astonishing results with this marvelous technique.

Please note that there is NO urologist, bladder specialist, or M.D. anywhere in the world who is currently certified at this time to prescribe the patent-pending Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique® for their patients or who has undergone in-depth training to show patients how to use the Bladder RE-X® Device.

If you have not done so yet, then click on the link below to peer deep inside the body and SEE the secret behind what makes the Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique® unique enough to have a Provisional Patent then watch this revealing 3D Medical Animation video!

$450 per patient per complete office visit package

Please call 914-646-4545 to schedule your complete Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique® office visit package right now.

Specialty treatment: TrapEAZE Technique™

Are you really ready to finally experience real upper back/neck pain relief that you desperately need? If you answered yes, then this series of 6 treatments is just what the doctor ordered. Nearly all comparative treatments do not effectively get at the root of the problem and successfully eradicate it to prevent long-term suffering and discomfort. But, now thanks to the TrapEAZE Technique™ you can finally live in true comfort thanks to its remarkably profound deep reaching effects.

Over the course of the 6 treatments you will experience a gradual decrease in pain and increase in comfort normally starting from the very first treatment. The majority of patients treated experience a minimum of 50% improvement after the very first treatment alone. By treatment number 6 patient’s will typically feel anywhere from between 90% to as much as 100% improvement.

NOTE: After you have received all 6 treatments then all depending on the extent of your normal activities you might need a "tune-up" time to time. For extreme athletes who punish their bodies a tune-up every 2 to 3 months is normally suggested.

Please be aware that due to the physical nature of the TrapEAZE Technique™ treatment, only a very limited number of patients will be scheduled for treatment each day.


Please call 914-646-4545 to schedule your next follow up office visit right now.

House Calls

Can’t manage to come to me see me for an office visit due to time constraints? Do you have a friend or family member that cannot come to see me in my office due to health constraints?

Well, thanks to the classic house call option that I offer you can still get the finest alternative medicine care and treatment all with the added convenience of never leaving the comfort of your own home.

Your alternative medicine treatment will be just as if you came to see me in my office!

While my house call rate might seem unreasonably high, please understand it is set the way it is because I need to set aside roughly a full ½ day from my schedule to accommodate just one single house call.

*If you are located outside of Manhattan in the other 4 boroughs, Westchester, or Long Island please call to find out about additional travel and transportation expenses all depending on your exact location.

** Additional rate applies to specialty treatments

$450 per house call**

Please call 914-646-4545 to schedule your incredibly convenient house call right now.

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